Pollution Control and Filtration

Within our pollution control division, APC specialize in engineering and manufacturing our own range of filter products, including high-speed equipment capable of producing thousands of filters daily. We understand the critical importance of selecting the right replacement filter for your specific needs. APC conducts thorough analyses of your operational parameters and offers comprehensive filter diagnostic testing to enhance the performance and efficiency of your bag house or dust collector systems.

Our product line includes a diverse range of aftermarket filter bags designed for virtually every type of bag house or dust collector currently in use. We are committed to producing top-quality filter solutions that optimize operational efficiency and environmental compliance."

APC Solutions excels as a dedicated provider of advanced filtration solutions, with manufacturing facilities based in India. Committed to quality and precision, we meet diverse global filtration needs with a range of products including non-woven needle-punched technical felts, dust collection filtration bags, and cages.

APC is recognized as a leading manufacturer of filter bags, non-woven felts, and cages, serving OEMs and industrial end-users worldwide. Our comprehensive offerings include diagnostic solutions for filter bags and ongoing maintenance services, enhancing the performance and efficiency of bag house systems."
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