a. Cutting tools-

1. Drilling - HSS drills, Solid Carbide drills, Indexable insert drills, Reaming and countersinking, spindle tools.

2. Threading - Taps and thread formers, Circular and thread milling cutters, Thread turning tools, Dies, Cutting oils, paste

3. Work piece clamping - single vice, centric vice, Multiple vice, Drilling machine vice, Mechanical zero-point clamping system

4. Turning - Turning tools with indexable inserts, ECO-Cut+ ProfileMaster, Grooving Tools, Miniature turning tools

5. Milling -HSS milling cutters, Solid carbide milling cutters, Milling tools with indexable inserts, Mold and Die.

6. Sliding Head Turning-Drilling, Threading, Turning, Milling, Clamping

7. Tool Clamping -Adapters, Accessories

8. Bar Peeling - Cassette, Inserts, Shims, Spare parts

9. Actuating Tools-KOMdrive, KOMtronic

10. Heavy Machining - Heavy grooving, Heavy turning, Ceramic Cutting Materials, Pipe scraping, spare parts.

b. Hard material solutions-

At Hard Material Solutions we place a strong emphasis on "Solutions" as one of our foundational pillars. This focus is not merely a tagline but a core philosophy that drives our approach to customer success. We craft holistic approaches that address the unique challenges posed by hard materials. What do we offer you may ask?

1. Tailored Solutions

2. Cutting Edge Technolog

3. Problem Solving Expertise

4. Ongoing Support